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Gaining money with green businesses

La Gomera is an island with enormous unused potential
for green investments, that could be profitably
activated in the following topics:

Lotīs of sun, wind and wavepower make the investment
in renewable energies on the island quite interesting.

Permaculture gardening and aquaculture have the potential,
to boost La Gomeras biological food production and turn
the island from a food importer into a food exporter.

Reforestation in big scale can provide the island with wood and water,
reactivate huge deserted areas into green land for human use
by housing, tourism and forestry and elevate the value
of the regreened real estates enormously.

The nature tourism as the islands biggest income sector
still demands more nature edutainment, wellness,
bioproducts and nature integrated cultural events.

The circular economy is at itīs very beginning,
demanding the production of renewable ressources,
waste usage and closing of local and regional money circulation.

Water scarcity makes the investment in water technologies
to gain, store and sell sweet water for human and
agricultural consumption very lucrative.

A whole new industry could be based on the
local production of a variety of consumer products
from the islands renewable ressources. So could e.g.
3-D-printers be used to print products out of local renewable
materials like wood, plant material, clay or sand.

The effects of green investments for the islands wealth,
the peoples employment and the investors benefit
could create a simbiotic win-win situation for
shareholders as well as stakeholders, for
international capital alike local prosperity.

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to gain more informations about practicable
business plans and investment strategies
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